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Motopsycle: mGT & Z.E.U.S Armor EXPLAINED, Calvin's Custom interview by Mecha Shock @ Indone

Full length interview by Yudi Joz @ Youtube / IG: MechaShock

Heartfelt thanks to Indonesian VLOG MechaShock and Yudi, fellow designer for the interview, allowing me to talk in-depth about my design.

Trillion thanks again to Juraganmainan, Australian facilitator 1st Step and GATE TOYS, as well as each and every Kickstarter Backer for making all these happen!!!

Motopsycle:mGT & Z.E.U.S Armor system are designed by Calvin's Custom, a GATE TOYS production.

For Mecha Shock's full coverage of Indonesia Comic Con 2018

MechaShock Instagram (14.9K followers)

Mecha Shock Youtube Channel

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