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Calvin's Custom X Project War Mobile @ C3 AFA - ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA​, Jarkata, Indonesia

Project War Mobile​: Calvin's Custom​ X JackalX @ C3 AFA - ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA​, Jarkata, Indonesia, 1st ever original design 1/6 scale action figures to mobile game collaborations.

C3 AFA - ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA​, is one of the most visited exhibitions of anime culture outside of Japan, and is held in Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Year 2038, A world leading Bio Tech Enterprise that invents Bio- formula to cure diseases, was seized and controlled by the terrorists. They made use of the materials and citizens to create bio weapon against the world – “Project War’. Three years later since Project war began, the world becomes anarchic, mutants are everywhere, citizens (We?) have to gear up as soldiers to protect themselves and their homeland.

PROJECT WAR MOBILE ("PWM") is a brand new 3rd person shooting game by Goblin Gamer, which will begin Beta testing in Europe in September 2018, and scheduled for global launch on Google Play later in the year, currently has over 14, 000 fans in Russia alone and expecting over 100,000 players.

Original design armor and weapons by Calvin's Custom X JackalX

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