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Calvin's Custom 1/6 original design armor in-game Project War Mobile by Goblin Gamer first look!

In this video you will learn about the beginning of the cooperation between Project War Mobile with Asian designer and producer of unique collection figures of fighters in 1/6 scale: Calvin's Custom.

By incorporating the works by designers like Calvin will greatly enhance the variety of armor, uniforms and costumes in the game.

This is a unique, 1st ever crossover between the developer of mobile games and the 1/6 collectible action figures. We plan to implement special events in which players will earn points to unlock these original design items, more 1/6 original and licensed brands will come soon. Collectors and gamers can soon complete this unique collection without leaving their smartphone!

Calvin's Design - Zombie Elimination Ultra System, abbreviated (Z.E.U.S), is created to enhance the combat capabilities of soldiers of the near future, perfectly fits into the post apocalyptic world of Project War Mobile.

As you can see, the accuracy of transferring an actual 1/6 action figures to the game is very high. We used 3D models of the action figures prototype then created from scratch the textures, so that virtual in-game characters as accurately as possible, not only the proportions, but also the colors and surface types of the actual action figure.

In addition to futuristic armor and helmets, we plan to add weapons into the game, which perfectly complements the equipment of these fighters. In the future, we plan to invite more designers of 1/6 original design and licensed action figures to join us in the PWM universe.

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