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Calvin's Custom @ B.O.A.T, ACGHK2018 interviewed by Brothers Hobby

My booth in video, narrated by ugly me on "crack", or just had way too many Red Bull plus too excited to have actually completed all the exhibits, and be accompanied by great frds like Feman and Kevin @ Darkcrown Toys, as well as main man like Derrick @ Brothers Hobby, whom had also been such a great support during my 1st Kickstarter earlier this year, heartfelt tks for taken the time n efforts in filming n editing this!

John, Ethan, Leow, Ting, Dorgmal, Ethan Chiang (sorry I called u Michael, too excited) and Tirso, this is dedicated to u guys!

Million tks Alex! Really appreciated the intro n editing!

Special thanks to BOAT-Both of the Art & Toys Fair, Acghk2018, Winson and Louisa for the invitation and tremendous support!

And to Mr. Michael Zhu and Mr. Man Tan @ GATE TOYS for their unconditional support in developing my crazy design.

Last and most importantly, to my extremely understanding and supportive partner Meghan, enduring my always working and insane amount of bits and bobs and tools and naked "men" (action figure bodies). I love you and I love you all!

#Calvinscustom #Boatfair2018 #同航藝術創意玩具聯展 #ACGHK2018 #香港動漫電玩節 #GateToys #GreenWolfGear #Darkcrowntoys #JackalX #Pewpewgun #Studiosundowner #Snowcorporation #OneSixthCollective #OneSixthScale #ActionFigure #CreativeCollaboration #OriginalDesign #CrossOver #OneWorld #Brotherhood #BrothersHobby

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