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Calvin's Custom 1st Toyfair booth @ B.O.A.T @ ACGHK2018

My 1st Toy Fair, was working over nite and late to complete the whole presentation at noon (show starts at 10), super grateful to have my long time supporter Hide Feman for standing in the first few hours answering questions, and covering for me the whole day, I owe u big time!

Despite the serious lack of sleep with an non-functional brain, I am so happy to have a mini gathering at my booth with Kevin Li of Darkcrown Toys and his buddies in the industry, honored to have met Jiuan from Jiuan Studio (1/6 full metal 100% handmade Samurai Armor) and ZIPCOLO a.k.a Guangyu Shi, known u since the mid-2000s on OSW, so happy to meet u at last! All these helped me survived the day without collapsing!!!

Also met AJ (looking for our picture), the amazing photographer from China, Howard Chan the Great, J.C.Hong and his amazing crew and many new friends.

And Master Douglas Mok for immediately "secure & snatch" one of the one and only armored customs as soon as he arrived, great chat later the day, and heartfelt thanks for helping me with the ToysTV interview!

And of course, special thanks to my dear designer friends for supporting my mini "Calvin & Frds: Onesixth Collective Showcase" John of Green Wolf Gear (U.K.) Ethan & Leow of JackalX (Malaysia) Ting of Pewpewgun (Taiwan) Dorgmal of Snow Corporation (U.K.) Ethan Chiang of Studio Sundowner (Taiwan) You guys and your amazing creations made my futuristic military dreams come true!!! Special tks to Winson Ma, Louisa Nip for the invitation!

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