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Calvin's Custom X GATE TOYS renamed Kickstarter project to "MOTOPSYCLE:mGT"

Feedback from collectors and friends reinforced that my creation deserves a name of its own. To me, being a customizer has always been a form of madness, one that involves tearing things apart, constantly aiming for the ‘what-has-never been done’, in ways that ‘have never-been-tempted’. In this spirit, I’ve named this project MOTOPSYCLE: mGT - a weapon of mass destruction on two wheels, the Gran Turismo of war.

Specifications: The 1/6 scale MOTOPSYCLE: mGT weights around 1.7kg, is approximately 40cm long, and 20cm tall and wide. It's comprised mostly of different grades of plastic with some alloy parts. Both the eyes of the cyborg skull headlight and the nuclear powered tank on top glow with LED lights powered by lithium battery.

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