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Calvin's Custom 1/6 one sixth scale Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian custom figures

King Conan movie version (1 of 1) King Conan concept version (1 of 1) Conan Vold11 "Vladimir" inspired version (1 of 1) Conan Fur coated version (1 of 1) Conan the Barbarian leather armored version (1 of 3) Conan the Barbarian war paint version (1 of 4) Conan the Destroyer (1 of 2) Conan the Barbarian Battle of the Mounds (1 of 9) Total 22 Conan commission custom figures in 3 years (Sept 2013 - Feb 2016)

Million thanks to all the patrons, Robert E Howard and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and to CROM, for the one-in-a-life-time creative experience!!! Long Live King Conan, I will meet you in another dimension!

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