1:6 One Sixth Scale Original Design Custom Figure Art "CADUCEUS" by Calvin's Custom @

Everything that ends has a new beginning. Human rose, dominated planet Earth in less than 3000 years, managed to achieve the very peak of "matters" civilization, and ended up almost destroying everything that matters...

To better understand what went wrong, in order to re-establish what humanity is consist of (after all, what is human without humanity), the cyborg race post-human conducted a thorough examination of human history, their religions, politics, emotions, hope and fear, thinking mechanism, behavior patterns, belief systems... all of which are more mythology than science to the cyborgs, for when one has already acquired a close to perfect body, and almost immortality, moral has no meanings... until they realized something is missing, a purpose of existence...

From the examinations, the cyborgs discovered the duality in human design, like the "0" and "1" in human's ancient data processing machines, very much like the planet's habitat in the age of old, there was a moon in the night that echoes the sun in the day, there were femininity on the right side of human's brain, to balance the masculinity on the left, when they were in balance, human managed to achieve harmony, but something upset that duality and suppressed the right side of their brains, and it was a slow death of humanity, and that is why in the end the "Elders", last of mankind, and the very first post-human cyborgs decided to eliminate that duality all together, and merge everything into ONEness, without sides, there would not be needed for balance... so they thought...

Is an irony, human with all their imperfection and imbalance, they managed to convinced themselves the purpose of living in their every waking moments... cyborgs achieved perfection and eliminated all possibilities of imbalance, lost their purposes...

So, they look at this statue created and left behind by the "Elders", they called it "Caduceus", and it is said that whoever understood the encryption shall be set free... ...

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Showcase of 1:6 scale original design custom figures available for sale, theme based commission projects welcomed.

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