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Original Design Future Warriors : WARDOGS unit profile by Calvin's Custom @ Cyborg Corps

Future Warriors: WARDOGS 1:6 one sixth scale Original Design Futuristic Military Cyborgs by Calvin's Custom @ Cyborg Corps

UNIT COMMANDER "DUTCH" The perfect soldier, warrior ultimate, elite of the elite, disciplined and determined, lock and load and ready to go at all time and at all cost... and he calls himself the new Aryan race... (sigh)

UNIT RECON SCOUT "DON" & "TOPPIE" Don has 50% human body but is the least human among the group, he almost considers himself a machine, guess he never was a people's person, but he loves dogs, and truly considered them best friends and better than human.

UNIT MEDIC AND SCIENTIST "DOC" He is 90% machine with a human conscious, animal lover, especially monkeys, he longs to become human again

NON-UNIT SPECIALIST: PUP the Kid PUP was brought on board to this mission by Dutch's recommendation, for PUP is well versed in the target location terrain, he was born there and rescued by Dutch a few years ago, and was trained by Dutch personally, specialty includes marksmanship and swords... but the two, almost father and son like, seem to be at odd for some reasons...

UNIT SPECIALIST: ALAN the Ronin Profile Info: CLASSIFIED He doesn't speak or communicate with the Unit in anyways, but operates in full collaboration with the unit to ensure mission success... but it seems he has another mission objective on top of the unit's objective...

SINS OF THE FATHER The Sins never die, can't wash this blood off our hands Let the world fear us all, it's just means to an end Our salvation lies, in the Father's sins Beyond the truth, let me suffer now In my heart I just know that there's no way to light up the dark in his eyes...

BROTHERS IN ARMS Through these fields of destruction Baptisms of fire I've witnessed your suffering As the battle raged higher And though they did hurt me so bad In the fear and alarm You did not desert me My brothers in arms

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