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Original Design Future Warriors : WARDOGS in 1:6 One Sixth Scale by Calvin's Custom @ Cyborg Cor

Future Warriors: WARDOGS 1:6 one sixth scale Original Design Futuristic Military Cyborgs by Calvin's Custom @ Cyborg Corps OPERATION "Saving the Monkeys" In the near future, after the long prophesied apocalyptic polar shift, Earth suffered the gravest epidemic changes since the great flood described in the old religions... to survive the hazard environment, some human speed up the process of evolution by turning themselves into Cyborgs... While those who secured the new type of energy and managed the technology became Cyborgs, the unfortunate mass of survivors were reduced to tribal and barbaric savages called the "Leftovers", and vastly out numbered the Cyborg race. To protect their resources and technology, the Cyborgs alienated themselves from the rest, and formed their own highly secured yet closed society called "World Order", a world of their own, separated from the rest and considering themselves the true human, whilst those outside their realm merely animals... Both the Cyborgs and the Leftovers claimed they represent humanity, some argued that the very definition of "Being Human" has been long gone, neither groups has any humanity among themselves at all... at some point, a group of highly enlightened scholars from the mountains surfaced and preach a new science called "Re-Evolution", by means of tracing the DNA that are similar to human i.e. Apes and Monkeys or Pigs alike, a new race of truly human can be "created" to "RESTART" the glory of humanity... While most of the Leftovers lack the knowledge nor the desire to "restart" anything, all they care is how to survive the next day without being eaten by others... the Cyborgs see "Re-Evolution" a threat to their existence, for they believe they are the new milestone of evolution, they will take humanity to a new height, reversing everything back to zero is blasphemy... To stop this new science from coming to fruition, under the banner of "Rare Species Protection", the Cyborgs deployed their elite combat units the "WARDOGS" to raid and sabotage the "Re-Evolution" laboratories in Africa, to "Free" the experiment subject: the Monkeys. Who would have thought, some members of the WARDOGS unit developed a strong affection towards the Monkeys, for they remind so much of how the world once was... little did they knew, their mission objective was to SAVE (COLLECT) and DESTROY the experiment subjects... Would the unit turn against each other? Would they defy their order and became renegade? Would "Re-Evolution" really work? Can the Cyborgs become human again...

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