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Original Design custom Gears of Peace MK VI "Nuclear Child" by Calvin's Custom @ Cybor

My name is "Nuclear", I was a man like you once, a solider, and I was almost killed off in a nuclear war... they gave me a new life and this new name. We human love heroes, we love to fight, for honor, for peace, for love... "si vis pacem para bellum" they taught us, if you want PEACE, prepare for WAR... I am more prepared than I ever was, a cybernetic body that runs on nuclear power, I never need to eat or sleep again, I am perfect... I am so happy that they keep my consciousness installed, I still love super heroes, I still love action figures... I couldn't be any better, I am perfect... There is just a tiny little thing that is difference from before: I don't know what I am fighting for anymore .... 我叫「Nuclear 核.子」, 我曾經跟大家一樣, 是個有血有肉的人, 在核子戰爭中差點喪命... 「他們」給我新生命及這個新名字... 我們人類喜歡英雄, 我們喜歡戰鬥, 為榮辱而戰、 為和平而戰、 為愛而戰... 「他們」說: “要和平、便備戰!”,我現在比從前更有準備, 機甲身軀, 核能軀動, 不用吃、不用睡,我已達到完美, 更高興的是「他們」保留了我的意識, 我仍愛超級英雄、仍熱愛人偶... 實在完美... 跟從前唯一一個少少不同的是 - 我已不知道我為何而戰... Inspired by the song "Nuclear" from Meat Gear Solid V, lyrics by Mike Oldfield.

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