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Calvin's Custom X TOYZEROPLUS @ TOYSOUL HK 2014


They said it has been 10 years since the last true Toy Con in Hong Kong... I have been kitbashing and creating for over 10yrs and am so blessed to have the opportunity to part take in the event! My sincere thanks to Wilson Tam @ Toyzerplus for contacting me after seeing my cyborgs down at SEVEN store, entrusting me to produce two custom bases for two of his show cases, and allowing the creative freedom in creating a futuristic military piece 3D scan and 3D print is getting common and affordable, but I can tell you, in the end, what makes all the difference is still the human touch, and Wilson's 3D sculpting skill is what makes him stands out from the crowd!!! Apart from my diorama piece, please see the various applications of 3D print technology available at TOYZEROPLUS, which soon will be available to customers worldwide!!! p.s. Special thanks to Mark OSR at One Sixth Republic for the Tee and Luka Zou for the Figure Hobby Club Tee and figure!!! You guys and your groups are the beacon and light of the hobby!!! For more photos, please visit HERE.

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