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Calvin's Custom One Sixth Odyssey (Original Design) : Entry to DeviantART Artistic Journey Challenge

To DREAM, a little boy's dream to live and breathe his humble arts To HOPE, for all those who share the same passion and love To FAITH, whenever there are self-doubts and struggles in life And FIGHT, like your life is depended on it for what you love. Been chopping up toys to create my own figures ever since I was a little boy... From building scaled models to 3.75 G.I.Joes to now One Sixth Scaled action figures, never thought I would be doing it as an occupation. Is never easy to give up a steady income in pursuit of a dream, but knowing that it is what you love to do most and makes lots of people (collectors, hobbyists, toy lovers... etc.), it all makes my little Artistic Journey an amazing one! Many thanks to DeviantART for such cool challenge! Dedicated to my parents and fiancee Sharon for their endless supports and endurance on my journey of turning a hobby into a dream comes true!

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