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Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong (27th Sept 2014 ~ still going on)

On 27th September 2014, students and citizens of Hong Kong went on peaceful protests for true democracy, in responses, the HKSAR Administrations authorized the police force to use excessive pepper spray and unleashed countless tear gas against the unarmed and peaceful crowd of Hong Kong People... the struggle is still on with ten of thousands still on the streets of Hong Kong... As an One Sixth Artist, I am recently suffering from serious back pain which limited my mobility, as much as I would love to join the protest, I couldn't, and this is my own humble way to pay tribute to the people of Hong Kong, please support democracy in Hong Kong, support our umbrella revolution! For details on the fight for democracy in Hong Kong: CNN Coverage on Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution & Occupy Hong Kong

Umbrella Revolution00.jpg

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