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Calvin's Custom / "Calvin Lo" 10 years Retrospective

This week marks the 10th anniversary of me being a member on (OSW), birth place of the customizer in me. I lost count how many kit-bash original and alternaive characters I have created thru the years, some over-the-top, some down right "Dark", but mostly tactical. Herewith some of the works between 2004 and 2009. Most of the parts and materials used are probably out of date among this collection since 2004, and none of them survived my "recycling", but they will always remind me what we are always able to do with whatever we have available to us and our imagination is the only limit. Dedicated to all those customizers who no longer in the hobby, and all those still striving to create, keeping the spirits of this hobby, this art form alive!

For the collection of my old works, here


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