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Calvin's Custom interviewed by MILK Magazine Hong Kong issue 691 Toy Section "Playground"

As part of the celebration of Starwars' 37th anniversary, Hong Kong Trend Magazine "MILK" has invited me for an interview 2 weeks ago, featuring 3 of my latest SWTOR figures. For non-Chinese reader, herewith the translated abstract: [Recently, on, a Hong Kong 1/6 artist was featured... when asked why customize, Calvin said, "when it comes to toys, there are to main types of players, one are those who collect, and the second are those who like to D.I.Y (poor men versions)... (I was the first type) and I am the latter, customizing gives extra creative and sentimental value to the hobby... turning animated SWTOR characters to real life figures, turning a hobby into a profession - Calvin's Custom] [When asked about Star Wars, Calvin said, "I always preferred SW over Star Tracks, as in SW there are guns & swords (sabers), and I particular enjoy how George Lucas merged Greek Mytho and Japanese Samurai together... my fav. characters are those in black/red (Sith) and all those with Tattoos all over like Darth Maul, Savage Oppress and Darth Talon... Siths are too cool, while Jedi are just too clean to my taste...] [When asked about how the road of customizing began, Calvin said, "I started modifying 1/35 soldiers and took 3.75 G.I.Joe apart and make my own characters as a kid, and as I grew into 1/6, I took inspirations from the hobbyists on online forums like, where hobbyists were all customizers and share their own tricks and tips, which kind of nurtured my skills and sustained my passion for almost 10 years now...] [When asked about interesting orders, Calvin mentioned the character KAAL, a Hindu lord of death by an Indian comic artist, where the creation is purely based on the artist's sketches and concept, Calvin really enjoyed the collaborations and look forward to creating his own line of characters, his own versions of Monkey King (Journey to the west) and 封神榜 (Fengshen Yanyi, a famous mythology stories of all the Gods in ancient China) ] My sincere thanks to Joel and Kenneth at Milk Magazine Hong Kong for the opportunity, excellent editorial and professional photography of ugly me and my humble customs. Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Brandon Jackson and Mr. Norm Satiyo for the commissions. And last but not least my fiancee Sharon for lining this up for me, love you more than anything else in this world!

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