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Z.E.U.S DESERT TAN (30 sets ONLY worldwide 全球僅30套 )
- Shipping included to most countries apart from Russia and some Eastern Europe and Afrian countries)
- Scheduled delivery 預計交貨期 Q2 2019
*Figure body, clothings and accessories NOT included 不包括素體,衣物和配件
*Assembly required 需要組裝
**All hand painted and weathered by Calvin 全部由 Calvin 上色和舊化
*Prototype shown, final product might varies slightly 原型顯示,最終產品可能略有不同

FULL SET 盔甲連人臉和武器 = 119.9 USD
Armor + Face 盔甲連人臉 =100.9 USD
Armor + Weapons 盔甲連武器 = 100.9 USD
Armor Only 淨盔甲 = 80.9 USD

Includes 包括
Helmet 頭盔 x 1
Skull Face 骷髏臉 x 1
Neck Armor 頸部盔甲 x 1
Torso Armor 軀幹盔甲 x 1
Shoulder Armors 肩甲 x 2
Gauntlets 前臂盔甲 x 2
Hands 手 x 3
Forearm adaptors 前臂適配器 x 2

Optional 可加
Like like human face  人臉 x 1
Weapons 武器 x 4

All Rights Reserved.. Calvin’s Custom
Calvin's Custom保留所有權利

Z.E.U.S DESERT TAN Armor and/or Weapon Set

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