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Passion for Custom Bikes

Following the “Heroes/heroines and their steeds” tradition, like Zorro with Tornado, Ghostrider with Hell Cycle, Wonder Woman with Pegasus, Barb Wire and her Harley Davidson... I always feel that a two-wheeled vehicle would help enhance a characters' presence and amplify the valor or menace or even evilness of which the characters embody.

Through out the past 17 years of customizing, among many weapon mods, angel and cyborg customs, I have never stopped customizing bikes. In 2016, I made 4 custom bikes, 2 were post-apocalyptic Mad Max style, 1 was inspired by the Moto-Terminator in Terminator 4, and 1 was inspired by the Bat-Pod in The Dark Knight... and the one inspired by Moto-Terminator has been chosen for limited quantity mass production with the help of GATE TOYS.


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